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All our steaks are imported from Australia & Japan. Selecting the best quality of the beef.

Put the steak inside the chiller 1 day before cooking. After 1 day the steak will be soften and ready to be cooked.

No. Just use a paper towel to pat the blood red liquid on the steak. By doing so it will help to improve the steak to further browning when cooking.

Just follow the steps inside the E-recipe provided. You can decide the steak to be in raw,medium or rare based on your preference.

For steak storing, its best consuming period is within 3 months. As our steaks are freshly imported and cut on the day before shipping.

Rib-eye steak has an eye-like fat mass in the center, and striploin has obvious fat mass on the side.

Angus cattle is an ancient breed of cattle in the UK. An angus is normally bred for 180 days and its meat is tender and juicy.
Tajima Wagyu is an Australian-bred Wagyu beef. The meat quality and fat are evenly distributed, and the ratio of the fat and meat are very even.
High-quality cattle are grass-fed cattle native to Australia. Although the fat content is not as good as other cattle breeds, the meat quality is more tender than beef from other countries! And the price is close to the people
Miyazaki Wagyu is a breed of cattle bred in Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan. It has lesser meat, but it is full of oil, at the same time having a thick butter flavor and it also has the title of Snow Wagyu.


RM30 for shipping fees and free shipping above a purchases of RM200.

The goods will reach to you within 3-5 working days

The shipment will be shipped out on Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

We use refrigerated truck to ship the goods to ensure the freshness of the goods. And distribute by agents in each areas.

We cover West Malaysia except certain areas such as Kelantan & Terengganu. Also, some of the areas in Perak are not covered. For confirmation, you may check with our customer service for Shipping Coverage

Our customer service will send the tracking number to you. You may check the shipping status by key in the tracking number inside the logistic website.


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